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13 Oct 10 2 Kommentera
Poster: Olly Moss


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22 Nov 08 2 Kommentera
Last night in Japan, I'm sleeping in a capsule in Nagoya. On the upside I look forward to not be sqeezed by elevator doors and bump my head all the time. But I will definetly miss the quirky curious happy people.


12 Mar 12 6 Kommentera
FPGA cluster. My GWT bank is open for transfers. (closed until accounts are fixed)


31 Aug 11 6 Kommentera
15 minutes after birth.


15 Apr 17 1 Kommentera
Just some things I have been up to with the Raspberry Pi computers.


30 Jan 12 2 Kommentera
Photo: E


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25 Mar 10 3 Kommentera
On the way to Shanghai I recorded the Ура́л mountains. The clip is x9 so it looks like we're flying low, but we're actually almost in space!


1 May 13 2 Kommentera
Using jdk7/jdk8 on a hard-float "wheezy", you can run rupy with very few joules per request! And when you are ready to release; there's simple, cheap, scalable and secure hosting one click away.


14 Mar 10 1 Kommentera
I just went to Shanghai with my brother to visit his friend Jonas and his family. All those electric bikes blew me away, so I just had to drag an electric wheel kit all the way back home! Now I'm developing my own electric wheel kit solution, check it out: elhjul.se.


24 Jun 12 1 Kommentera
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16 Sep 09 6 Kommentera
I meant to get a pet, but I don't know any animal that would be happy in 17m2, except maybe me. So I'm putting together a robot instead. Giving it a neural network for brains and solar panels, so I don't have to feed it. That little chip is the accelerometer.


2 Jan 10 3 Kommentera
Had a great new years eve at Johans cabin up in Dalarna.


28 Jan 12 3 Kommentera
Added USB joypad support to my favourite SMS emulator so I can play with my old NES controller.


15 Aug 09 5 Kommentera
I went down to Pays Basque to learn how to surf. Got burnt and stung by the sun. On this day though, there was museum weather, so I went to Bilbao.


29 Jun 09 9 Kommentera
Arrived in Hamburg were I'll stay with some friends. Spent the night in Denmark close to the greatbelt bridge: I really like to fall asleep to the sound of the breaking of the waves. The car is awesome!


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29 Apr 09 3 Kommentera
When I was a kid, I bought this game magazine. It turns out it contained the basic code for a complete santa sledge game. So my older brother who is a perfectionist computer illiterate neato starts to type all the code into my C64. It was maybe 20 full pages of text so this takes a while, a couple of days. You can imagine the exitement when we typed in the last character and tried to run the program. Just as earth shattering as the disappointment when the crapper didn't work. Later a friend, who knew how to program, …