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29 Apr 09 3 Kommentera
When I was a kid, I bought this game magazine. It turns out it contained the basic code for a complete santa sledge game. So my older brother who is a perfectionist computer illiterate neato starts to type all the code into my C64. It was maybe 20 full pages of text so this takes a while, a couple of days. You can imagine the exitement when we typed in the last character and tried to run the program. Just as earth shattering as the disappointment when the crapper didn't work. Later a friend, who knew how to program, …


26 Apr 09 Kommentera
I have integrated with facebook and created a widget tool for tentacle; my online favourite things tool. It lists the ten latest entries specific to a user:


23 Apr 09 Kommentera
I don't believe in re-hearsal, I believe that when something is re-enacted it loses it's value. A re-recorded song is nice, but it's not true. Life is the sum of every unique flawed embarrasing moment. So you just play and sing without thinking, then record it the same day. It makes less sense, but it's pure truth, and that's happiness, atleast for me; no matter how sad. *Frog: from the swedish saying that comes from when you say something without thinking, and if it's jibberish; It's like a frog jumping out of your mouth.


9 Mar 09 Kommentera
Om du ska köpa bostad så kan kunde jag tipsa om hemlistan.se.


13 Feb 09 1 Kommentera
The reasons: lossless copying and global sharing. Two things that were where not possible only a few years back. The price? You can't live off copies. It's evolution, you might want to acknowledge that it, specially if your job is to bluntly copy things.


22 Nov 08 2 Kommentera
Last night in Japan, I'm sleeping in a capsule in Nagoya. On the upside I look forward to not be sqeezed by elevator doors and bump my head all the time. But I will definetly miss the quirky curious happy people.


20 Nov 08 Kommentera
Since tuesday we have been in Okinawa, before leaving Tokyo we had a really nice shabushabu with thin meat slices that you boil in stock. Our first night in Naha we got pretty drunk on some local distilled sake at a family owned bar. Then we went to a well hidden bar that we got recommended by this girl that owns a cafe called "niceness", great place. Today we took a boat to a small island were we rented bikes and cruised about.


16 Nov 08 1 Kommentera
Yesterday we rented a car to bathe in hot springs up in the mountains with Tamayo. At first the water made me dizzy, but after half an hour I could enjoy the view. After we had the best udon noodles ever. Today we saw the contemporary art triennale in Yokohama with Futoshi. There was some cool socialist and capitalist puppets that battled in a movie.


14 Nov 08 1 Kommentera
Today we had dinner with some ex-razorfish tokyo and stockholm people, we had okonomiyaki; japanese pancakes with cabbage and mushrooms that you fry yourself. Yesterday we went to the lost in translation bar. The day before yesterday I got lost in Daikanyama, but I found Pick, the secondhand store I was looking for; unfortunately it sold mostly old french and swedish stuff! :P


11 Nov 08 Kommentera
Idag lunchade vi med Futoshi, en Japan som föddes i Brazilien. Hans morföräldrar emigrerade dit efter andra världskriget och han är nu tillbaka i Japan för att lära sig modern japanska. Vi var på ett fik som heter A to Z som jag kan rekommendera. Sen åkte vi till akiba och tittade på prylar tills vi fick ont i huvudet. Middag på en isakaya restaurang, typ japansk tapas. Jag åt sesampudding för första gången, jäklar va gott det va!


10 Nov 08 1 Kommentera
Yesterday we went to Roppongi and had chinese dinner with Mats and some of his friends. Then we ended up in a ganji bar, last tube is around 12 and taxi costs a fortune, so if you live in the suburbs you either stay out until 5 when the first tube runs or you grow up and go home.


9 Nov 08 1 Kommentera
Ett tempel och en shinkansen senare så är vi framme i Tokyo. Fick ännu en god middag hemma hos Mattias kompis Tamayo som vi ska bo hos.


8 Nov 08 Kommentera
Idag åt vi japansk frukost, som är precis som vilken japansk middag eller lunch som helst, fisk och ris. Jag blev lite nyfiken på hur japanerna skulle tolka en västerländsk frukost, antagligen intressantare än en japansk. Hur som helst så började jag sakna bröd, men inte lika mycket som varm mat, så vi åt katsu curry till lunch, yummy. Innan dess besökte vi matmarknaden och fotade en sur tant (andra bilden). Sen träffade vi Tamahi (tredje från vänster) för att fika, det var ett kakfik där de byggde kakorna framför en och …


2 Nov 08 4 Kommentera
Landade i Osaka på en konstgjord ö och åkte tåg till Kyoto. En timme tog det, sen gick vi runt och tittade på gamla tempel. Kyoto är fullt med människor men ändå så lungt, ingen tutar eller gormar och alla är så glada! Vi käkade rullbands sushi till lunch och tempura med soba till middag, gött.